Those of you who know us, know very well that ours are the only, different, and even (sometimes) difficult to imagine assemblies … so, why not create unique spaces on the water?

In Grupo EJ Eventos we have plenty of experience to know when something can work or not, an experience that helps us to advise our clients and give them the best possible service. Therefore, when they request a complex project, the ideal is to go and visit the client. Only in this way can all the real possibilities be evaluated, and we say real, because in many occasions we come up with wonderful and wonderful ideas that tend to be WOW !, but then, when they are put into practice, they are not viable and our customers are discouraged. Our work also has a psychological component, trying to understand perfectly what is intended to be able to shape it.

In this case, we use the example of a nice party held in a private house, where it was necessary to create a useful space on the pool that was there.

Sometimes, the imagination does not give more than itself, and many people are content to have a beautiful garden like this, but … and if you can also have the space of the pool enabled so that it can be used without any risk or danger? Well, of course!

Now comes the best, and is that … can that be achieved? Well, of course! In Grupo EJ Eventos we have first quality materials even to assemble spaces of this type. It is not easy to create a platform on water, because it must be very well anchored, with supports strong enough to support the weight of the guests without wavering the least, and of course, taking care that the image and design is the most suitable according to the occasion.

The idea is great, because not only is more useful space enabled to walk, but with the help of a beautiful and careful lighting can get an optical effect of the most surprising. A very elegant way to leave all your guests enchanted with an atmosphere of the most modern and innovative.

When creating spaces, assembly is, without doubt, the central pillar on which everything else is based; lighting and decoration
place are the other two main pillars, a work where good taste is visible with the intention that each celebration is completely a personalized event. There is nothing like loving your work, enjoying what you create, what you do, feeling proud of it, and best of all, making your customers happy. In Grupo EJ Eventos we know that this will always be the best letter of presentation that a company can have: A WORK WELL DONE.

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