One of the most common problems that we find in open spaces such as gardens, is that the site is not level and is a problem for the organization of the spaces. One solution is cover it with stage and make a firm base to do banquets, ceremonies, receptions and everything type of events in general. There are many options when facing a leveling and the leveling of the integral space is also joined the options of walkways, walkways with scenarios central, dance floors in parquet ... Even for farms that need to gain space, we offer the possibility of covering pools thus expanding the useful space of the venue.

Existen multitud de opciones a la hora de afrontar un nivelado y al propio nivelado del espacio integral se le unen también las opciones de pasarelas, pasarelas con escenarios centrales, pistas de baile en parquet…

Incluso, para fincas que necesitan ganar espacio, ofrecemos la posibilidad de cubrir piscinas ampliando así el espacio útil del lugar de celebración.

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