Sometimes we talk about challenges, to overcome our own limits, to do different things and to surprise ourselves. And this is precisely the transformation of a space for Grupo EJ Eventos. We do not understand limits, because it is an event with different characteristics to the rest, and you have to give it a 360 degree turn!

Our wedding couple N & S wanted to create an idyllic atmosphere, with its tables and chairs in white and with all the appropriate decoration. How to transform a whole hall of ceremony and celebration, worthy of such a traditional wedding, in a fair booth like this one?

Going crazy! The transformation of spaces needs many preparations: meters and meters of fabric, bulbs of lights in heaps, bridles not to spoil the site, tables, chairs, white tablecloths, crystal lamps … No one would say that that diaphanous space without grace I could turn it into an elegant and refined place where I could host a wedding. The result was spectacular, so much that it did not seem like the same place where the initial idea started.

We had it clear, we had to create a unique wedding hall, as the couple put all their trust in our advice and our work. The idea of playing with white and purple colors was mainly the bride’s idea. Being a link with very specific characteristics, we had to play with the fabrics and the decoration to transform the space separating it into two different zones. The led lights along with chandelier type crystal lamps, gave a touch of perfect sophistication to break with the initial image of the place. In this way, the main objective was achieved: to transform an empty and unglamorous house into a warm and welcoming space.

The area of the altar was one of the most important points for the couple, since there are many rites and traditions that had to be done, as dictated by their religion, becoming at all times the center of attention of all your guests. To do this we enabled them a platform as an altar in order to be up and in sight of the attendees. The stage area was also an important area for the celebration, which also required to be transformed and decorated according to the rest of the room.

For us it is very satisfying to see the final result of such a drastic transformation of spaces. We love to see that the bride and groom are happy with the final image of what they had requested, and even that they are amazed to see that it exceeds their expectations. That is our maxim! Happy customers, clients who come back to us to celebrate all the important moments of their lives, ensuring an excellent job on our part and an equal or better result than they themselves would have imagined.

In Grupo EJ Eventos we always look for excellence in our work, offering the client a close deal and taking care of every detail.

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