When you are invited to a wedding and when you arrive you discover a starry sky over your head made with millions of LED microbombs you think … this promises! The effort of the couple to surprise their guests is not only there, but LED microbulbs are one of the best options in which to invest part of the budget of a wedding.

Not only is it just another decoration, LED micro-bulbs are the most suitable option to convert atmospheres and create different atmospheres. Each couple seeks to make the wedding of their dreams, and in that equation come into play different variables: the imagination of each of them and our work, which is to give them the feasibility of making it possible.

It is true that LED micro-bulbs tend to be demanded more in evening events as well as in evening and evening weddings because they look twice as bright and shine brighter. But weddings by day do not have to discard this option, because we had the pleasure of making this elegant montage (photo below) for a couple of last year. In this way, you can take advantage of the shade of the fabrics during the day and while there is sun, and once it is getting dark, turn on the LED micro-bulbs interspersed with the fabrics, creating a magical effect. The surprise of the guests will be amazing while enjoying an atmosphere full of warmth. That is, the same location with two very different effects.













And is that there are many reasons why more and more couples are opting for this lighting for their wedding day: the magic that is created, the warmth they emit, how beautiful they are, the effect “roof of stars” “… Everything depends on the type of lighting that is intended or the style of wedding that the couple wants to reflect. If you are looking for a more rustic-chic style, LED micro-bulbs in the shape of an umbrella would be one of the options, or within that same style, a fully illuminated glass greenhouse will achieve a most impacting effect and break with coldness of the glass. On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to give a touch of elegance, distinction, create a more bucolic environment … your own, always depending on the chosen location and the game provided by the site, is usually to choose or combine micro-bulbs from LED in the form of curtains and all the lighting centered on the ceiling. It is used if there is infrastructure, and if there is not, they are used to create a “roof effect” in the open air with the intention of making the guests feel “at home”.

It is not the same to see it in photographs as to live it in person, and for that reason, many of our clients ask us again for their private parties, because it can be adapted to different sizes and environments. Enjoy a beautiful starry night in all your events thanks to LED micro-bulbs!


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