In EJ Eventos we have (almost) all the keys to making your event unique. There are different ways to make it “something more” and be on everyone’s lips. Customizing every corner of the space enabled for this is an essential requirement, but resorting to lighting is becoming an authentic must.

There is nothing like providing a new scenery to a place that apparently can not give more than itself, and for that, nothing better than a good creative mind like ArteBoda. Patricia Navarro, wedding planner and designer, had the wonderful idea of converting the courtyard of the Convent of Magdalena (Antequera) into an authentic room as if it were the spectacular castle of Beauty and the Beast.

Our own manufacturing structures were created especially to give light to this beautiful but dull space. Ideally, with each structure, we could illuminate 4 tables independently with spectacular chandeliers suspended over each of them.

The chandeliers are perfect to bring that sophisticated touch and class necessary to change the perception of an entire environment. Therefore, it
They are becoming a key element when it comes to setting spaces specially designed for weddings, giving interior life to an outdoor place making it much more welcoming.

To make your event unforgettable and everyone talks about it, not only is it enough to make it beautiful, you always have to give it a twist, bring something innovative that manages to stay engraved on your retinas. In this case, the work of ArteBoda together with Virginia Florista, the Catering of La Magdalena, and Grupo EJ Eventos, resulted in a wonderful equation of elegance and style in a dreamy setting.


An event full of personality, where lighting plays a fundamental role when it comes to creating sensations and making everything much more welcoming. Everything plays its particular role, and some chandeliers suspended in the air, not only make people look up surprised, but also make them feel special, because we will agree that they are not very common elements to see in outside.

At the end of the day, a wedding, for many or few guests who are the attendees, is an intimate celebration with a lot of feeling for the couple. For that reason alone, every detail must be taken care of and everything begins by creating a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere that is faithful to the tastes and personality of the couple who marry at that moment.

We will never tire of repeating it, but in Grupo EJ Eventos we are committed to strong pillars that make us what we are today: differentiation, originality and professionalism. All this in each and every one of the events that are done with us, regardless of the type of event, its magnitude or its difficulty.

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