From small we are taught with movies, books and songs that we must pursue our desires, but we can get to ask the following: what if my desires are difficult to achieve? For that, precisely, Grupo EJ Eventos was built.


Our imagination can have unsuspected limits, or even, not knowing what barriers are. When we think of something that we really like, something we dream of with all our desires or something that will make us immensely happy, we do not realize what it may be to carry it out or materialize it. In EJ Group Events we have a premise, and that is, everything is possible until proven otherwise (or until the budget reaches).

In this way our boyfriends L & C arrived with the idea of celebrating their great day, their wedding. They already had a space available, a diaphanous ship or “booth”, which, a priori, did not involve great complication until they told us that you could not touch anything of the decoration that there was. If this is communicated to you months in advance, you have plenty of time to plan and manage, but … what if you only have 2 weeks to have everything ready? Well, our first thought was: “OMG! If it’s not the easy things, it’s clear. ” But it is hard for us to say no and more to such an excited couple, so we got down to work.

The first thing was to know the tastes of the couple so that the event, in this case the wedding, was faithful to their personalities. In Grupo EJ Eventos we like to have a professional, but above all close, because only in this way is it possible to establish the perfect relationship with your clients.

We had a lot of space and large dimensions, as you can see in the photographs, but you had to give a touch of light and distinction to get around the tortilla.

You will ask … how? Very easy, with great professionals such as Catering Doña Francisquita, which make your work stand out even more if possible. It was not only “cover”, but “make up” with elegance placing fabrics and lamps that provide the necessary luminosity to the event. Our boyfriends L & C wanted to have all their family and friends under the same roof, without having to give up the endless party they wanted and planned for all their guests.

And we say it many times, it does not matter where or when, what really matters is the HOW, and that’s what we take care of. Ours are the events, whether weddings, communions, baptisms, awards or corporate events. We do not set limits to our imagination, so that everything is as our client imagines it to be. Our experience supports us, and our satisfied customers and friends are the best proof that a job well done is the symbol of an entire seal of quality.

Have you made your wishes come true? Not yet? Ask us, Grupo EJ Eventos!

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