What would life be like without challenges? And without projects that are complicated? What would happen to Grupo EJ Eventos if we did not overcome with time? Hence, our last event: “XI Tuna Route of Zahara de los Atunes”.

Our passion for our work leads us to enjoy everything we do, and when the opportunity arose to take the integral production of an event as popular as the XI Tuna Route of Zahara, we could not but rejoice and start engines to give it a 360o turn to the initiative developed by the Traders Association of Zahara de los Atunes (ACOZA).

A culinary event with great repercussion given the origin of its main claim, the Almadraba Red Tuna (considered the best in the world). Our work began months ago, with the establishment of the protocol to follow, since the integral organization of an event without an order and some guidelines can be somewhat chaotic. Once located means, public organisms, authorities, etc … began all the diffusion necessary so that the whole world was aware of what would happen later. The program, based on the same from previous years, required a small turn with a more current touch with which to offer constant attendees claims at meeting points such as the main tent of 400 installed inside the wall. We could count on horse racing on the beach, a polo tournament, the presence of the Ferrari Club, great performances by well-known musical groups, DJs, percussionists, saxophonists, violinists, play and children activities, parades … who encouraged the public and to all present there.

The mobilization of a public arrived from all corners of the Spanish geography could be seen from Tuesday May 14, with the start of the events until the same Sunday 19 when it could proclaim the winning establishment thanks to its popular cover. There were 43 establishments that participated in the Ruta del Atún, each offering their own gastronomic version of Almadraba tuna.

Two were the winning tapas, “La Freska”, chosen for the taste, texture and creativity through a blind tasting by a professional jury of great chefs and, “Tá de Lujo”, top winner by popular vote of all those there They were able to taste the tapas of each establishment.


The integral production of an event of these magnitudes requires not only a good work coordinated in team, but to be both insitu at the bottom of the cannon and office work to be able to manage permits, contacts, etc … all ready to attend any unforeseen and solve it as soon as possible.

In Grupo EJ eventos we are already focused on future events, but if we look back, we can not but rejoice and feel satisfied for having done a great job with spectacular results …

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