Any similarity with the famous movie “My Great Greek Wedding” was pure coincidence, because in Spain weddings surpass fiction! The P&P liaison was an event full of joy and charm, to such an extent that at Grupo EJ Eventos we enjoyed almost as much or more than the bride and groom of a wedding with Malaga and Greek brush strokes.


The bride met us at the link of some friends, and as well dictates the said … “another wedding always leaves another wedding.” His naturalness was well reflected in his bridal look with a boho style, which culminated wearing a beautiful crown of natural flowers and loose hair.

And what about them, a most cheerful couple with a marked style, who were clear about the place of the celebration by choosing La Casilla de Maera, surrounded by green everywhere in a super natural environment.

A couple with a special connection that is well reflected in each of the snapshots we show. They were very clear, they wanted to celebrate their love with all their people and managed to gather almost guests of 11 nationalities.

Malaga girlfriend and Greek boyfriend … the party was guaranteed! And so it was, with a pre-wedding and post-wedding celebration that lasted almost a week.


It usually happens … and it happened to them. When they arrived at the wedding of their friends as guests, being aware that soon the following would be them, the details gained much more importance and everything caught their attention. That happened to P&P when they saw the bright decoration we created for the wedding of their friends, and when they contacted us we were clear, our lights would be responsible for illuminating an entire green “outdoor lounge”, which enchanted garden, where on the day of their malago-greek wedding they could enjoy a decilious menu served by our beloved Catering Doña Francisquita.



A whole space full of led microbombillas that went from the high ceiling that formed the branches of the trees, to the leafy walls of the garden creating a unique atmosphere. A simple but sophisticated lighting that accompanied The decoration of the place chosen for the banquet, La Casilla de Maera, was in charge of Peggy & Co with an elegant and natural touch without ornate elements.

A fun celebration full of typical dances and a mixture of customs, where Sevillanas and Sirtaki were not lacking. One of the most anticipated moments without a doubt by all the guests who attended the link (especially the part of Greek origin) was the famous “plate break” as an omen of happiness for the newlyweds. A whole cultural experience!

A great wedding worthy of any romantic feature where nothing was missing: a story space, a couple in love (and very handsome), families and friends super fun and involved until the bars, and of course some providers who gave everything to that the wedding of our Malago-Greek couple was just as I had always dreamed.


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