Simple and elegant, this was the assembly we did for the event held at Finca La Concepción with our wooden structure with fabrics. An ideal solution to shade without recharging, being functional but without losing sight of a careful aesthetic.

There are many events in which our clients look for a thousand and one ways to provide shade, especially if their celebrations are at noon, when the Lorenzo squeezes the most. That is why our function is not only to offer what they ask, but to provide our knowledge by advising them on the best option and the feasibility of it. The question is not to give shade and crazy!, You have to study the type of event, the decoration that will take, the space where it will be performed, the weather conditions …

On this occasion, the venue of the Finca La Concepción celebration and the team we were working with (Nudeco Agency, Dani García Events, One2One, Susana Sánchez) were in perfect harmony. Our structure with fabrics and our tablecloths and napkins in sand tone combined 100% with the crossback chairs, the space surrounded by green and the spectacular fountain that this unique space has.


The idea of placing a wooden structure with fabrics is ideal if we want to respect the natural space and facilitate the vision of the environment. A success because it lets the air circulate without the “greenhouse” effect, provides shade without diminishing luminosity and decorative level, its natural rustic style matches all kinds of spaces.
Following the premise that “less is more”, our wooden structure with fabrics makes a difference in each and every one of the events where it is mounted. It is a most versatile assembly because it is suitable for large spaces and for smaller private gardens. The finishing of the fabrics is usually to suit the client, being able to finish off as a curtain or simply flush with the structure.

The image that projects this type of wooden structure with fabrics is as if it were under a pergola in the garden of your own house. All a solution for outdoor spaces which also is perfectly customizable because it does not have to be a wooden structure with white fabrics. It can be set according to a certain color if what is desired is to thematize the celebration, just as it can be given a magical touch with led microblight lights getting the “star ceiling” effect if it occurs during a nighttime. If it is for example a day wedding, you can take advantage to provide shade during the meal and as it gets dark, dazzle guests with a unique lighting under which to continue enjoying an unforgettable moment.

Of course, it is our favorite options to provide shade, given the versatility it brings us and how much our customers like it. If you like it too … we get ready to prepare your celebration!

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